Design / Install / Service

Roof Top Units

High efficiency, gas, electric, or hot water heat, electric cooling, water cooled condenser, low noise applications available

Split Systems

Unique requirements needing specialized solutions, tight controlled environments or additional cooling needs added after additional equipment install.

Heat Pumps

High efficiency heat pumps and dual fuel units where demands are favorable for this type of unique solution.

Hot Water Boilers

High efficiency condensing boilers to high BTU requirement traditional boiler installs to Fulton Steam Boilers for pharmaceutical fill facility needs.

Energy Reduction Projects

Provide payback calculators, utility participation, and rebate programs where applicable.

Custom Air Handling Units

100-100,000 CFM with tight temperature and humidity control.

Same Day RTU Replacement

Our in-house equipment and expertise allows us to replace units quickly and cost effectively resulting in downtime typically less than a day.


High capacity comfort cooling chilled water generators to tight temperature requirement process chillers, cold fluid work, setpoints to 15 degrees and below.  Cooling towers, evaporative units as well as tube bundle machines, water cooled equipment.

Process HVAC

Process needs with constant temperature and or humidity requirements to adequately satisfy material/machine/device production.


Tight humidity control environments, additionally very high; such as 70% +/- 5% we installed in 6,000 sq ft class 10K cleanroom in Burlington, and low humidity applications also.

Computer / Server Room / Critical Care Environments

Temperature sensitive electronics environments with a variety of solutions from Emerson/Liebert fully ducted or raised floor rooms, to smaller split system, either ducted or ductless, with redundant systems when crucial data/equipment is at stake.

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